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Zombie Kush by Ripper Seeds comes from two different Kush genetics, resulting in hues of purple embedded within its trichome-laden foliage. Created by crossing Sideral (Lavender Kush x Amnesia) with Bubba Kush, Zombie Kush’s unique genetic lineage and complex terpene profile won it 1st Prize at the 2017 Napoli Secret Cup for Best Extract and 1st Prize Indica at the 2016 UCLA Cup. It has enjoyable and potent effects with a snappy indoor flowering time of 55-60 days.

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Zombie Kush has become a cult classic in the cannabis enthusiast community. First developed by Ripper Seeds genetics, this strain has become a staple in every dispensary the nation over. With dark coloured buds that are absolutely dripping with resin, and a skunky dank smell, this crop presents as little buds with few stems and lots of plant-meat.

An Indica Dominant bybrid (80% Indica/ 20% sativa), Zombie gives a complete body high with a heavy release of euphoric, relaxing bliss. The sativa element in this strain is all but unnoticeble, and the reasoning of the name of the crop becomes all-to-obvious as you become heavily sedated and unintelligible and incomprehensible. You might have heard of this strain as it earned first place at  Napoli Secret Cup for Best Extract in 2017, as well as winning first place in the 2017 UCLA Cup for Indica, in the time since Zombie has become a standard name for stoners everywhere.

Zombie has what is considered to be a complex terpene profile, with a balance of numerous diverse aromas like pine, lavender, earth, mint, fruit, and spice. What it amounts to in the smoke is a skunky, fruity, sticky gas with a unique and lovely combination of flavours that will have you returning time and time again. Originally created as a cross of Sideral and Bubba Kush, you’ll know this is some serious kush the moment you smell it.

Zombie is well suited for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, chronic pain, as well as anybody who needs a little help getting to sleep at night. Zombie is also known to induce an appetite, and a little bit of cotton-mouth. Zombie clocks in with an average THC content of 19% and very little CBD to speak of, but will make your body pains and anxieties seem like nothing.

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1 review for Zombie Kush

  1. IndicaLovers420

    This a very sedative indica, I think that is why they named it Zombie in the first place. It produces thick white smoke with strong heady taste – very aromatic.

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