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A rare smoke unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Get it while it’s here, it wont be around for long.

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Tom Ford Pink is a bud you can really get excited about. True to the high-fashion roots of this strain’s name, Tom Ford Pink is a curated designer crop which is absolutely among the highest quality and rarest cannabis strains you can find.

First developed by unknown Canadian growers, this plant got it’s name for a power combo of growing as radically beautiful looking crops and for the perfumed nature of the smoke which gives it an absolutely unlike-anything-else quality. Like the brand it takes its namesake from, Tom Ford Pink is an attractive, alluring, highly refined product with major legacy appeal.

With an average THC content of 21-25%, this strain is an Indica hybrid (80% Indica/ 20% Sativa) with a hell of a kick. The sativa component of this crop plays out in the beginning of a smoke session, giving the user a few hours of energy, creativity, and activity before sharply dropping into a relaxed, euphoric couch-lock around the third hour after smoking. After that point it is full Indica, taking away all your aches, pains, anxieties and stress until you drift gently to sleep.

This strain is a great choice for individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, insomnia, chronic pain, and depression. Tom Ford Pink is also a great strain for Netflix binging, personal art projects, romantic rendezvous, or long summer days.

One of the most notable qualities of Tom Ford Pink Aside from the astronomical THC level is the unique aroma of the strain. Comparable only mildly to Kimbo or Tuna, these two strains are a good jumping off point to try to get an idea of what you are in for heading into your first bag of Tom Ford Pink. Sweet candy and floral perfume are the strongest notes of this strain’s aromatics, and following close behind these is a web of unexpected fruity depth.

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