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Seven Star Shatter is ultra high quality and produced here in Beautiful British Columbia, you can expect a high quality highly concentrated buzz. Shatter is a solvent-based cannabis extract. Seven Star uses trichome heavy strains and the The resulting mixture is is a super concentrated perfect smoke.

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate that often looks like a glass sheet of cheddar cheese. It’s a hard, yellowish substance with holes in it that shatters much like a piece of glass if you crack it. Shatter can come from many strains and is known for having very high levels of THC.

It’s made using a solvent-based process which extracts high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants. As such, it’s an extremely potent product and even a small amount can give you an intense high. While most marijuana strains contain around 15-25% THC, shatter usually contains levels of 70% or higher.

Many users opt to buy shatter over marijuana or other products due to its high potency. There are many ways to use it, and you only need a very small amount to enjoy a powerful and long-lasting high. It’s easy to break up into small dosages and you can smoke, vape or dab it.


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