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Platinum Kush has a name with a dual meaning, named both for the thick layer of silvery crystal that coats the crop as well as for the exceedingly high quality nature of this bud,  a grade even higher than gold. Platinum Kush is the kind of quality grass stoners dream about at night, clocking in with a THC content in excess 0f 20%, and with a beautifully curated terpene profile which works synergistically with THC and CBD present to create an outrageously amplified high.

Featuring a bud that, as previously stated, is drowning in kief, this is only it’s finest quality. With large, beefy, round, purple buds covered in long orange hairs, these rotund chunkers are sure to impress at your next smoke session. Similar in appearance to the massive buds of Grease Monkey on a smaller scale, with an odour that will throw you back to your first bag of incredible Kush.

Platinum Kush has an exotic-yet-familiar aroma, featuring a sweet, lightly fruity smell, with a hint of pungent earth. A cross-breed of Master Kush and an original Afghani strain, this strain is a near perfect Indica (90% Indica / 10% Sativa), expect a sweet but acrid smoke from Platinum Kush. Most users report a heavy coughing session and watery eyes alongside the smoke session with this strain, but most will also tell you it’s worth the somewhat harsh experience.

There is also a relatively substantial CBD content (in excess of 1 %) in Platinum Kush, which makes it an ideal choice for people seeking relief from chronic pain. Users who deal with anxiety, stress, and depression will also find this strain a handy choice go to, as it has deeply relaxing effects but doesn’t push you into a couch lock during the course of the high.

Starting out with the coughing session, Platinum Kush hits with a lightweight headrush, and evens out into a cerebral, spacey, yet functional high that carries on and on and on. Users report an altered percepetion of reality, stating increased awareness of auditory stimulus, and unusual thought patterns accompanying the enduring sedative body high.

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