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Pink Gorilla is a potent and unique looking Indica dominant hybrid strain first developed by Moscaseeds by crossing GG4 with Pink 2.0. These hearty, fluffy buds remind us of Purple Platinum Cookies at first glance, with a slight silver sheen over their striking reddish-pink colour, they also share the somewhat wine-ish aroma that Purple Platinum Cookies bears.
It cannot be overstated how visually striking Pink Gorilla’s buds are, exhibiting a ruby-red colour with flecks of purple and green scattered around them. The buds leafy, and soft, busting up easily to a certain point, but never really breaking down to a fine mill in a conventional grinder, and they are even more visually striking once busted up and gleaming at you from the seat of your bowl or the edge of your paper. You’ve never had anything like this before, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on Pink Gorilla, the gassiest glue around.
Featuring a flavour and aroma that is reminiscent of mulled red berries, wine, and a hint of sweet pear and skittles, Pink Gorilla has an exceedingly memorable smoke. Clocking in around 20% THC Content, this strain is no slump in the potency department either. Useful for treating migraines, headaches, and arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, this strain carries a particularly hard hitting wallop of relaxation coupled with a cerebral ecstasy that goes on and on into the night until you finally submit to the gripping couch lock that follows up this incredible high.
A unique strain that does not come around very often, Pink Gorilla should make it into every connoisseur’s collection at some point or another. Get it while it lasts!  Add some new colour to your usual cannabis palette, this ruby red strain is certain to leave an impression, impress guests, and leave you wondering, just how did they do it?

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