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Pink Gas is an Indica strain to brag about, and it’s never around for long. We all know that the pink family is hot right now (see Pink Bubba, Astro Pink, Tom Ford Pink), sought for their high potency and iconic deisel flavour, and Pink Gas may just be the best of the bunch. Created by combining Bubba Kush with an unknown Pink Kush variant, this strain is named for its potent diesel aroma and flavour profile. Featuring slightly fluffy buds that are loaded with grease, this strain is love at first sight.

Pink Gas boasts an astronomical average THC concentration of 24%, leaving most other grass in the dust. The high starts out cerebral, lingers there for a minute at the start of your session, and nosedives rapidly into couch locked sedation, deep relaxation, and boundless euphoria. Best suited for the end of the day, most users find that this strain provides a nearly definitive “Indica experience”, meaning a vacant stare, low productivity, and maximum enjoyment. Don’t expect to be a top performer with this strain. Just sit back, relax, and take it easy until your next joint or the morning comes.

Pink Gas is well suited for customers looking to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, or lack-of-appetite. Also well suited for evenings to yourself, videogames, Netflix sessions, or monotonous tasks which require minimal effort.

Presenting with a lemony-deisel aroma, expect a slightly sour, super gassy smoke from this strain. Dry mouth and eyes, and long coughing bouts are very common with this strain, so keep a glass of water on hand. This is a high caliber strain specially developed for the heaviest chronic smokers on the market, if this sounds like you then this is likely the strain you have been looking for. The high THC content of Pink Gas makes it a formidable strain for most first-time or “green” smokers, tread lightly!


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