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Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics is a Sativa Dominant hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) was first created by crossing Purple Punch strain with the infamous Clementine. Like the namesake drink, this beautiful, fruity smelling strain is the perfect thing for getting up on a Saturday evening.

At a glance Mimosa does not look out of the ordinary, bright green medium sized buds with a reasonable coating of crystal and a dousing of resin that we have come to expect in AAA buds, but when the jar on our shelf opens in front of you the smell hits you square in the face and calls out your name. It smells like a tropical weekend, like fruit and berries, sugar and wine, vanilla and oranges with just a little hint of spice. It almost smells unreal it smells so lovely, and come time to smoke it the profile carries on and on and on. The smoke is fruity with a hint of pepper, thick and sticky, sweet with just a little touch of sour. It is everything you want from the smell and more, a perfect mid point between the sugary Kimbo and Strawberry Cough.

Along with its outstanding smell, Mimosa carries a bright, joyful daytime high, perfect for getting the sleep out of your eyes and lifting up your energy to face the day. An ideal wake-and-bake toke, this strain comes with a whopping maximum 27% THC but does not drag you down. Free from couch lock, this strain will carry you through your weekend, motivated, positive, and laser focused. Along with the bursting-with-energy high, there is a reasonable body high that persists throughout the course of the high, reducing body pain and strain to an absolute minimum.

Mimosa is an ideal choice for anyone experiencing chronic depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, ADD, and migranes. Also ideal for defeating creative block, peacekeeping, chill hangs, and hobby-crafting.

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