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Kimbo Kush, named for the late Kimbo Slice, is a beautifully flavorful indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage that is fruity and stunning. A cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, this strong parentage offers a heavier than average Kush experience, leaning closer to a full indica buzz with every puff. Starfighter supplies Kimbo with a touch of citrus and a brightness that illuminates the thoughtful elements of its Kush genetics. Enjoy this strain at the end of the day, as it can have potent relaxing effects that might give you the 1-2 punch K.O. Kimbo Slice was known for.

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Taking its name from the late Kimbo Slice, Kimbo also packs a hell of a punch. Known for its potent relaxation spacey sedative effects, this strain is an ecellent choice for medical users who want to add a bit more of a contemplative edge and a whole lot more flavour to their cannabis use experience.

Kimbo Kush is a wonderful smelling variety with tones of sugar, berries, citrus, and cotton candy on the buds, this unique terpene profile carries a tremendous Kush impact, which many find enhanced in comparison to run of the mill indicas. The flavour profile of Kimbo could possibly be compared well with a bag containing Strawberry Cough, Humble Pie, Blueberry, and Black Cotton Candy all mixed up, but with the addition of an curious bubblegum afternote.

An Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica/ 30% Sativa), Kimbo is a sleepy strain that has been used frequently for insomnia, chronic pain symptoms, restlessness, and anxiety. The sugary easy smoke makes it a tasty choice with and smooth burn that wont leave you coughing too hard, but will definitely get you very high. Clocking in around 27% THC content in most cases, and with a decent 1% CBD, Kimbo is really the full package deal, providing euphoric elation, body sedation, and a nice evening of giggles and TV. Best suited for evening use, with the exception of heavy-weight stoners who are looking to be just over half-baked for the bulk of the day.

Kimbo is a creation of the great minds at Exotic Genetix, first derived as a cross between Platinum Black Berry Kush and the somewhat elusive Indica Dominant Starfighter, it has even been rumoured to exceed THC levels of 29% in some cases.

With large, meaty looking but somewhat lightweight buds, the first thing you notice with the Kimbo is the incredible and seductive smell, followed by the absolutely ridiculous amount of crystal that is virtually falling off the bud. These buds are delicate, and break down to a fine grind when put through a mechanical mill, hand busting is recommended for Kimbo.

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