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With origins in the Hindu Kush mountain range, Flowr’s Pink Kush is sweet-smelling product that is craft grown in BC and hand-trimmed to emphasize its pink hairs, bright green flower, and sugar-like trichomes.

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Island Pink is an Indica dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica / 20% Sativa) Created  first by Emerald Health by crossing Pink Kush with an unknown Indica hybrid strain. This flavourful, full bodied smoke is a classic pink experience. Island Pink has an intensely impactful high, exceptional flavour, and bag appeal like no-body’s business.

Island Pink has dense little spade shaped lime green buds that are crunchy, resinous, sticky, and bursting with a myriad of aromas. Vivid orange hairs stick out irregularly from these pretty little chunks, protruding through a beautiful layer of trichome crystals, a sugary coat which permeates the bud all the way to the core.

Island Pink has the classic lemon/lime/diesel flavour you have come to expect from every other pink out there. Sour and Gassy, this smoke will have you coughing hard and wanting more with hints of vanilla, fresh flowers, candy, skunk and earth. This addictive flavour lingers on your palette long enough that you will never forget it, often it is love-at-first-puff.

Island Pink Clocks in with an astronomically high THC level in the range of 24-26% on average, making it a very formidable smoke. The high kicks off with a burst of euphoria and cerebral expansiveness, a blissful haziness fallows deftly and morphs into absolute relaxation, pure hapiness, and a lightly tingly body high which creeps up on you throughout your high. After several hours the creeping body high takes full hold and drop kicks you to sleep.

An ideal choice for consumers seeking relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain and for folks who just want a little help sinking into relaxation and floating away. If you love Pink Bubba, Pink Fire, Pink Comatose, or any of the other great Pink‘s on the market, you are sure to love the lovely tasting and high voltage Island Pink.


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