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Humble Pie is a Hybrid strain grown Indoor by OCS Bluff. This batch tests at 29.5% THC and 0.09% CBD. Humble Pie’s lineage is made of up Cherry Pie and Grandpas Breath.

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Humble Pie is another uncommon and lovely strain brought to you by the masterminds at Dungeon Vault Genetics, the creators of the beloved Blackberry Wine. With a very distinctive scent of mixed berries that smells good enough to ea t, this is a flavour forward strain that delivers on the promise of the name. A cross between Cherry Pie and Grandpas Breath strains, Humble pie is an Indica dominant hybrid that carries a pleasant and balanced high.

Humble Pie carries a great body high and a pleasant cerebral effect that has a nice touch of euphoria in it’s uplifting  and enduring high. Great for pain relief and increasing appetite, but expect a bit of the dry eyes and pasties with this strain.

The smoke, like the smell, is bursting with flavour. Overtones of blueberry and citrus with a splash of velvety creaminess make this an easy smoke for all. Humble Pie has medium sized, triangular bright green buds that are layered with sugary trichomes, an abundance of well groomed orange pistils, and little flecks of deep purple. Featuring full bodied curly little leaves that bust up wonderfully in any type of grinder, expect an easy rolling experience to accompany the easy smoke of this crop.

Humble pie has an average THC Content of 21%, making it an excellent choice for heavyweight smokers. Best chosen for nighttime use when you are really feeling like a gourmet smoke and a high that will go on and on and on, this Indica-dominant hybrid is also a great choice for those looking to minimize stress, anxiety, and depression, loss of appetite, and to get a good night sleep. Munchies are a strong side effect of humble pie, so be prepared to eat.  This may not be an ideal choice for first time smokers as THC levels are on par with many of our top shelf strains.

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