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Golden Goat is the stellar Sativa you’ve been waiting for your whole life. These long, fluffy, meaty buds are a showstopper to see, and a joy to smoke.

Originally bred by mistake in Topeka, Kansas, Golden Goat was the result of a female Island Sweet Skunk plant which had inadvertently been fertilized by a Hawaiian/Romulan hybrid. The strain that came out of this parentage was a stalky Sativa with thick plumes of golden-yellow buds with a sweet/sour/spicy/tropical taste that is unmatched by any other strain.

Not only a marvel for the incredible sight of the bud growth and the immaculate flavour, Golden Goat is also a great choice for it’s incredible THC levels. Clocking in between 19 and 23%, Golden Goat is a sativa that will keep you chatting, creative, active, and wanting more. Its high starts out with a righteous blast of euphoria and a creeping body high that spread out over the following half hour. After the body high sets in expect an ongoing state of energetic euphoria and the focus to keep busy in your most vital hobbies or your most diligent work all day long.

Golden Goat is an excellent choice for people looking for relief from stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. The strain has potent anti-anxiety effects that help to keep users level headed and serene. On top of the very high THC content, there is also a considerable CBD content, in excess of 1%, which makes for great anti-inflammatory effect to provide relief for your greatest woes, aches, and pains.

An ideal choice for day-smoking, Golden goat is an excellent strain with little sleepy couch lock or laziness of which to speak. When your in the middle of a long week and just looking for a nice way to spruce up the flow, wake and bake with Golden Goat today.

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