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Genetics: Kimbo Kush x Super Silver Haze

Type: Hybrid, Available in regular feminized seeds

6 Feminized per pack

Flowering: 9-10 Weeks

Note: Extremely euphoric, almost opiate. Mind is creative and contemplative while body warm and relaxed. Great After-Dinner smoke.

After growing out literally hundreds of strains with bland effects, I wanted to create a strain specifically with euphoria as the breeding goal. The picture is of a kimbo kush leaning pheno, which is a great yielder wth lots of frost. This pheno can be harvested in 9 weeks. The super Silver Haze leaning pheno needs closer to 10 weeks to finish but you will be rewarded with massive yields that more than compensate for the additional flower time. The yield on the Super Silver Haze dom pheno can be compared to Blue Dream.

GROWER’S NOTE: Adding  additional phosphorus products (such as shooting powder) can cause foxtailing. If you use phosphorus supplementation late in flower, we suggest that you wait until around week 8. Does not like salt buildup. Blackberry Dream lab results came in at 27.5% THC



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