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With a name like Blue OG, this strain sets some high expectations. Luckily, it exceeds them, combining the best of indica strains Blueberry and Blue Moonshine with none other than OG Kush to yield a perfectly balanced high. Created by G13 labs — European breeders responsible for innovative strains like Royal Kush — Blue OG also offers an interesting fruity, kushy taste. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 13% and 19%.

Blue OG stands out with medium to large buds that have a pronounced cylindrical shape. The nugs are dense and compact, as might be expected of an indica-leaning strain, and the tightly-packed leaves are a pale shade of sea green. Fiery orange hairs — which are actually pistils, structures meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants — twist their way through the curly leaves.

Glassy trichomes cover these already-colorful flowers and give the buds a frosty silver appearance.

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Blue OG is another strain that is making it’s way into the leagues of other well known and legendary strains, much like the parent plants Blueberry and OG Kush, there are certain strains everybody has heard of and there is usually a good reason for the popularity of these strains. Blue OG is a great tasting strain with a balanced high that mimics the best parts of the parent plants: All the endurance of the blueberry high, and all the glorious mellow body/heavy eyelid high of the well known OG.

Rumoured to have been derived at first from a bag of seeds found at a Grateful Dead concert, the exact origin of this crop is debatable at best, but the quality is undisputed. With an average THC content of 19% and less than 1% CBD you can expect a mostly cerebral high that gets rid of your body pain while still giving you the attention and focus to stay active and not too lethargic.

Blue OG has tightly packed, triangular, greasy buds that are layered with a velvety coat of white trichomes giving them a lighter appearance on the outside, but these plants pack deep green leaves and resin like no other. The buds on Blue OG bust up into a sugary dark hash, best done out of the freezer as these buds are sticky and have a tenancy to clump in peg grinders.

The smoke is definitely smokey and slightly sour with a skunky/limey smell that will quickly fill a room. Expect to cough a bit, then enjoy an exceedingly active high that starts out with a short burst of sluggishness that rapidly transforms into mounting euphoria and a desire to be up and busy. After an enduring high that has been known to exceed expectations in terms of duration, the full indica effects will take over and lull you to sleep. This is a great strain for the middle of your evening if you are looking to have a productive night and a decent sleep.

This is, to be frank, a great strain for all occasions and its alluring smell is certain to draw a crowd if you have it at a party.

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