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Astro Pink has infiltrated your area! We have abducted a team of chronic OG’s to source out the most fire pink kush on planet earth. Our mission is to provide earthlings with extremely potent, gassy, gooey and clean burning tasty pinks that will lift you into outer space. Strict quality control protocols have been put in place to ensure we consistently deliver you a product and experience thats truely out of this world – enjoy!

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14 g, 42 g, 70 g

3 reviews for Astro Pink

  1. Azari Xander

    This is the probably the strongest Pink Kush variant strain in the market today. Thank you so much Back Side Buds for the quick express delivery, your crew were amazing too – very accommodating.

  2. Powerfool

    Pink Kush was truly a fire quad – super gassy. This weed literally punches you in the face. Plus, service is great, the product is in very good quality & delivery is very quick.

  3. RedButterfly619

    Extremely potent and clean-burning weed, truly an out-of-this-world experience.

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