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Astro Pink: The Most Fire Pink Kush on Planet Earth

Pink Kush: Sometime Pink; Always Potent

Over the last few years there has been increasing interest surrounding a strain of cannabis known as Pink Kush.   Pink Kush has become well-known, not only for its distinctive colour, but for its remarkable potency and remarkable effects.  

Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis, commonly found in the legal markets of California, the Pacific Northwest and across Canada.  It is one of the many strains belonging to the popular Kush family of plants. One such of these outstanding pinks is Astro Pink. Astro Pink is one of the most powerful OG Kush strain available and users report that it produces powerful body-focused effects.   


As an indica-dominant hybrid, Pink Kush is composed of only 10% sativa and 90% indica.  Although the indica/sativa ratio can be difficult to verify, the possibility that it may well be as low as 10:90, indicates that Pink Kush will very likely produce strong physical effects.

The glands of cannabis plants, such as Pink Kush, produce resin which contains a number of acid forms. When heated these acids are broken down by a process known as decarboxylation, into a number of active compounds.  These compounds are produced by no other plants and are known as cannabinoids, they are, primarily, THC, CBD and CBN. The first of these, the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is responsible for the majority of the psychological effects of cannabis.  The brain has particular areas closely connected to coordination, perception of time, memory and pleasure. THC is effective because it can attach easily to receptors in these areas and activate them. There are, similarly, few verifiable test results on the levels of THC in Pink Kush.  However, those that are available strongly indicate that proportions as high as 20% THC are likely. For comparison, cannabis has an average THC concentration of between one and five percent. For hashish this can rise to between five and fifteen percent, while hashish oil may contain 20 percent THC.  Clearly, the high concentrate of tetrahydrocannabinol in products such as Astro Pink is certain to create a high potency and is something to be considered by prospective users. 

Consumption of a cannabis product also introduces CBD and CBN into the bloodstream.  As they move around the body, these chemicals produce a wide-range of effects, particularly in the brain.  CBD is non-psychoactive. In other words, it will not get you high. Indeed, when consumed with THC, CBD will actually work to counteract its psychological effects and ‘take the edge off’ THC.   The testable medicinal benefits of CBD are numerous and wide-ranging. They include fighting depression, anxiety, insomnia and cancer. CBD is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiemetic. Research into CBN is less extensive but suggests that it may be used to successfully treat many of the same disorders.  However, Pink Kush is usually shown to contain little more than one percent CBD. This means that Astro Pink is not the best option for treating those conditions typically responsive to CBD responsive.

Appearance and Scent

One of the features of Astro Pink often remarked upon by cannabis aficionados is its distinctive appearance, routinely described as ‘gorgeous’.  The name Pink Kush originates with the vivid hot pink pink pistils which come out of the flowers. These can be covered by lighter trichomes, meaning that Pink Kush has a pleasing appearance, appearing to be dusted with a glowing frosting and is often said to ‘sparkle’ or ‘glisten’.  

The pink pistils are the result of growers attempting to preserve particular phenotypes from the older purple strains of Kush.  In fact, due to what is known to growers as ‘incomplete dominance,’ Pink Kush plants may often lose their pink appearance. Indeed, once harvested these pink pistils are less noticeable. No matter, a less striking appearance does not diminish the effect of the plant. 

Users are no less enthusiastic about Astro Pink’’s smell.  ‘Phenomenal’ is an often used adjective. The scent is typically described as floral, with lemon and pine notes, often with undertones of berries.

Aroma and Taste

While the scent is generally sweet, once heated the aroma is more often the earthy flavor of skunk.   The distinctive weed aroma and taste derives from the particular combination of certain elements known as terpenes.  Pink Kush usually contains a mixture of myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene and terpineol. When inhaled this blend of sweet floral flavors mingles with the earthy undertones to create a distinctive taste.  Users of Astro Pink often detect hints of vanilla.  


The composition of Astro Pink, as an indica-dominant strain with exceptionally high levels of THC, strongly suggests it will have potent effects.  It is little wonder then that Pink Kush is established as producing an impressive body high.

Primarily, the effects are felt as a strong sense of relaxation.  Pink Kush users report feelings of being uplifted, happiness often breaks over them in waves of euphoria.  Mental stimulation is also common and many users experience a heightened sense of creativity. This may also be accompanied by a sense of clarity and a serene, positive outlook.

This is is very often followed by a feeling of weightlessness.  Typically a high might be associated with users feeling as though their limbs weigh 200 pounds each.  However, Pink Kush users report a feeling of lightness, as if floating on their euphoria. 

As a potent hit, it is worth noting that the effects of Pink Kush can last up to 3 hours.  Therefore,it is advisable to ready your fridge in anticipation of a powerful attack of the munchies.  It is necessary to make sure you have sufficient snacks for a high that will last for a few hours.

Medicinal Benefits 

Pink Kush has been reported by many users as serving as a very effective medical treatment.  Not only has it been shown to relieve stress, pain and insomnia, but evidence strongly suggests the high potency of Pink Kush is effective in reducing even the most severe pain tolerable and reducing chronic aches. Users also report it is helpful in reducing inflammation.

The notable cerebral effects of Pink Kush appear to help control a variety of conditions including, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, migraines, headaches and mood disorders.  User feedback suggests Pink Kush is commonly used by those hoping to treat sleeplessness. Moreover, as it works to induce appetite it is frequently used by those looking to combat eating disorders.  In addition, many users report that it helps calm the stomach making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from nausea.

Possible Side-Effects 

Once again it is worth pointing out that Astro Pink is a high potency strain.  This can mean inexperienced cannabis users may find themselves lying down after just a few hits.  As with other strain of cannabis there are side-effects to be aware of. Some users report experiencing a dry mouth – sometimes described as ‘cotton-mouth’ – and dry eyes.  Due to the high potency some users have also reported experiencing paranoia, dizziness or anxiety. Many new users limit their intake of Pink Kush to very low doses, usually only one or two hits.  All in all, it is sensible to go with this strain, particularly when first using it. 

Lineage and Cultivation 

Astro Pink is usually described as a hybrid of OG Kush, one of the most famous and popular strains of cannabis.  However, pinpointing the precise lineage of the strain is almost impossible. It takes Pink Kush ten to eleven weeks to flower and high yields of top-shelf buds are very common.  


To sum up, Pink Kush is an outstanding strain with a distinctive, pleasing appearance, a fantastic scent and surprisingly enjoyable flavor.  The high concentration and potency means it is a strain to be savoured by connoisseurs of cannabis and to be sampled for those searching for something unique.  

For those looking to enjoy a high-quality Pink Kush product, Astro Pink sourced by Back Side Buds is strongly recommended.  Not only do Back Side Buds offer free shipping and exclusive offers and promotions, but they always employ strict quality control protocols to ensure the delivery of consistently exceptional products and experiences.  

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Bernie Allen November 24, 2019 at 10:28 pm

This is the best I have ever tried. Very highly recommended. The potency hits pretty hard and will totally make you fell like on the clouds, completely relaxed.


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